Friday, 26 September 2014

Hermione travels to her new home.......

I contacted Jim Brett who had previously moved a several boats for me in the past and was surprised to hear that he had sold the Transportation side of the business.
He did give a glowing reference though for Jason who had now named the business Squirrel Marine, and indeed Jason was extremely helpful on the phone and swiftly came back to me with what I thought was a good price for the move.

So the move all went well, Jason from Squirrel Marine Transport did a great job transporting the boat for me from Woodbridge, Suffolk to Upnor in Kent.

Jason Has a class 1 rig with a purpose built boat trailer which can take boats up to 36 feet in length and is a great piece of kit.

I had the staff at Tide Mill Yacht Harbour take the mast down and secure to the boat, they also rigged some A frames so it didn't foul the windscreen.

The boat arrived at Upnor safe and sound at exactly 12.45 as planned and was lifted off the trailer and placed into a cradle where it will remain until she's ready to go back into the water.

One of the best things of having the boat stored here is that I can get there in 15 minutes but also there happens to be this little watering hole just across the road.....

So the plan is work will start tomorrow (Saturday) but only in respect of finding my way around the boat, clearing out any unwanted items and begin compiling a long list of work that will be required.

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