Sunday, 28 September 2014

The hard work begins.....

I arrived at the yard yesterday in Ernest, plan was to to go through the entire boat clearing every nook and cranny of any rubbish and unwanted items, familiarise myself with all the systems etc whilst noting any faults or problems that needed attention.
Hermione is the 9th used  Boat I have owned in my boating career, never have I seen a boat loaded with so much junk and rubbish!

I worked my way forward from the stern, inside the boat first, luckily enough I brought with me a roll of at least a dozen large rubble sacks,and every locker seemed full useless junk, just a few examples are:

8 Cartons of UHT Milk date expired 2003
7 Cartons of Cranberry Juice date expired 2003
36 individual flares dating from 1973!
Pots of rusty nuts and bolts

By 4 pm I had filled 6 Large sacks, and also the cockpit with various items that wouldn't fit in a sack.

Although I had only got as far as the Heads compartment I decided that I had done enough and was sick of opening lockers and drawers and finding rubbish.

I locked up and made my way home thinking of all the things I hadn't managed to do like clear the cockpit Lockers, the forward cabin or even start a list of jobs!

Never mind, I am sure I will have better days.............

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