Sunday, 12 October 2014

Antifoul Removal.......

I arrived at the boat ready to get wet as I planned to use a high pressure jet washer in order to remove the old anti foul that was still on the hull, also the weather forecast for the day looked fairly wet!

Whilst waiting for a friend to arrive with the pressure washer I decided to unload the car of essential tools and parts that I would need for the work to commence, this of course included an extension lead and electric kettlle......

Once everything was on the boat I decided that although I wasn't ready to start work on the interior I did need a clean corner of the boat so at least I could prepare tea and coffee, which we all know is the most important ingredient of a happy days tinkering!

So I decided to clean the most important part of the boat......

Once completed I made my first cup of tea which tasted fantastic, soon after, my friend Phil arrived with the Jet Washer.

We set to work and was very pleased with the results, although it still took nearly 3 hours of solid washing but we did manage to get just about all of the red anti foul off the boat.

This has now left me with what I think is the original epoxy layers, so now I need to decide which way I am going to tackle the next stage, I am considering getting quotes to have it slurry blasted back to the Gelcoat, or getting messy and sanding it myself.

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