Sunday, 5 October 2014

Clear out operation........

Arrived at the yard on Saturday at 8.45 so I could get a good start in the morning as there was rain forecast for the afternoon.

Ideally I wanted to complete clearing out all of the rubbish and junk inside the forward cabin and also the cockpit lockers.

I managed this by lunch time and manage to fill 12 large rubble sacks, 2 dustbins and still had a pile of old rope and other items that were fit for the tip.

After filling the car with as much as possible I decided to have a good look at the boat inside seeing as though it was now raining.

One of my concerns was that there might be a large amount of water in the bilges as the boat had been sat for so long, luckily it all seems to be contained to the main bilge.

As I continued looking under all the access panels I was glad to find that all the floor boards are in very good condition and made of substantial hard wood.

Since buying the boat I hadn't really inspected the engine area at all, which would not normally be a good a idea but seeing as though the boat was sold for a very good price and I was told the engine may need replacing I was willing to purchase the boat as it stood with all faults.

As it happens I wasn't too disappointed with what I found.

Both oil and fuel filters look as they were changed not a million years ago which was a good start, what I am pleased with is the fact there is good access to the engine as well as underneath once the floor board is removed.

The condition of the oil was not disaterous to say the least although I am still not too optimistic.

As usual with a lot of the older Volvo engines the exhaust elbows always suffer with corrosion, and this one is no different.

Now the shaft and couplings are something I don't have much experience with so will let an expert have a good look and let me know what they think.

The inside is now looking a little tidier and I did manage to have a good poke around in most areas. 

The under floor area seems to be fairly clean and in good order, I also inspected some of the pipe work and pleased to find that this has been done fairly recently, One of my fears was having to replace 40 year old water pipes etc.

So that was pretty much it for Saturday, next week I am hoping to use a friends petrol powered pressure washer which I am hoping will take off most of the Antifouling.


  1. That's all good news then. Well done for clearing out all that rubbish: goodness me! Still, they do say that "one man's trash is another man's treasure": maybe they were just trying to be considerate in case it was valuable to you... :-/

  2. Hello.

    What would you say is the best way to separate wood and GRP I.e. worktop glassed to the side of hull