Monday, 20 October 2014

Hull investigation begins......

I was still unsure of the best way of tackling the hull on Hermione, so thought I would have a day at the yard with sanders and try some experimenting to see what  the results were.

I tried 2 different sanders, a random orbital, and a standard Polisher/Sander.

The Polisher made fairly light work of the rest of the anti foul along with some 120G sanding disks, the only problem was that the Machine Polisher I have is nothing special and is quite heavy.

I have now ordered a lighter one as I guess there will be plenty of sanding needed at different stages, including the mast.

I had a good look at the blisters which I also sanded back and you can see the laminate which looks fairly undamaged but I am no expert in this field. 

I started with sanding near the skeg, then started on the Rudder, which proved fairly easy.

The goggles and mask were a must, as was the suit, I don't relish the idea of inhaling any of that stuff!

I guess in total the sanding took about an hour, although I managed to make it last most of the day by the time I had played around with different tools.....then started other jobs that were not planned!


  1. Did you encounter many blisters? As far as I can see it looks pretty good and considering the fact that Hermione is allready sailing for over 40 years I wouldn't be too worried

  2. Hi BJ, although I have not finished the hull yet I believe there is 6-9 blisters.