Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A helping hand........

I have decided to get some help with some of the jobs needed on Hermione so on Sunday I met a guy recommended by a friend who has extensive experience working with Gelcoat and Fibreglass and is also handy with a paintbrush!

It was very useful chatting about the work needed and he gave me some good tips on where to start in terms of the deck and cockpit areas and also helped with prioritising some of the work, so with that in mind have come up with a plan.....

The first Job will be to thoroughly go over the deck and cockpit with the pressure washer so we can see exactly how many repairs are needed, Hermione seems to have plenty of battle scars in terms of chunks missing from the Gelcoat on the deck and all of these will needed grinding out and filling.

I have decided that I will be removing the wooden slats on the cockpit tops with Tek Dek or a similiar product.

I am considering keeping the current hatches as they appear to be water tight and would like to keep original hardware if its still working.

I am going to remove the hatches and replace with a suitable cover in order to keep the weather out so I can take the hatches home to work on.

I also had a good look at the windscreen and the wooden base it sits on is in bad condition and will need replacing so I will be removing that at sometime and replace the wooden base with an alternative material hopefully.

Weather permitting this Saturday I hope to remove the wooden seats in the cockpit and give the whole deck and cockpit a thorough jet wash, then go over all the gel-coat and circle with a black marker pen every chunk of gel-coat missing.


  1. I think one of the best sites on the web for fibreglass repairs is boat works today, it maybe worth a look, good luck with the project - Ken

  2. Thanks Ken, would agree, some very useful videos at