Monday, 17 November 2014

Time to clean the heads.....and catch a rainbow!

Travelled down to the boat on Saturday in order to meet the fibreglass man, however it turned out that work commitments got in the way for him so he couldn't make it.

With a few hours on my hands I decided to do a bit of light tidying down below as the rain was on and off and prevented anything being done outside without getting soaked, although it did hold long enough for this rainbow to appear!

I had a clear away of my tools and bits that were lying about and felt quite pleased with myself........but then it had only taken 30 minutes to achieve.

So with that finished I decided to have a poke around and look at some systems on the boat, one of which was the battery isolator, cables and engine ignition switch and dashboard........I now wish I hadn't......more jobs to add to the list that I have been to scared to compile thus far!

This is the battery isolator switch with random wires unconnected, a classic clue to previous amateur electricians interference.

This is what was hidden behind the switch and is typical of a boat that's 43 years old, although she did have a new engine in the early 80's.

I then realised that my daughter was keen to carry on with her cleaning duties and I had said that I would remove the sea toilet from the heads compartment so she could get in there and give it a thorough cleaning, I also have a thing about toilets on boats.......most of them are far from clean, so unless its looks in reasonable condition it gets chucked! 

This was no different, it looked very suspect close up and I wasn't taking any chances, so I ripped the lot out with no mercy.

The heads on this boat is not massive but after testing the toilet seating position several times (it was a DRY run I might add) and moving around inside I think I can work with it and possibly install a shower if needed, although it would be more of a sitting down affair.

The sink pulls out from underneath the cupboard and would normally drain into the toilet bowl, this I will change so that it has its own outlet.

So its now ready to be cleaned and worked on, although its some way down the list at the moment.

Had a visual check of the sea cocks that don't appear too bad but will most probably change if only for peace of mind.

So there you have it, not a great deal completed but every little helps and seeing as though I only had a couple of hours I was pleased with the result.

So with an hour or so left I decided there was no point in putting off the inevitable and decided to start the dreaded list!

There is some debate as to whether or not listing all the jobs needed on a boat is a wise move, and I can understand the reasoning behind it, but if your serious about completing a boat project its key to be realistic about things and once its done it can be somewhat of a relief.

Although you now start realising what a mammoth task you have set yourself!

So here it is, I think I have covered everything, although it purposely does not include, sails, and navigation equipment which will be additional projects in themselves.

If you think I have left anything out please feel free to get in touch and let me know.

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