Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Latest Updates!.........

So its been a while since my last post and am slowly organising myself, the first thing I will mention is that I have managed to obtain a Tarpaulin which I have used to enclose the deck and cockpit areas so that work can progress without worrying about the weather, this will be a real advantage when it comes to removing and re-bedding the window frames.

The size is 10mts x 8mts so pretty much covers the whole boat including the top sides.

I also attached some lengths of wood to the mast so that its has some shape and more head room when working on deck.

There is forecast winds up to 50 mph this week so should be a good test for my contraption!

Last week I decided to have a look at the electrics and was pleasantly surprised to see that at sometime in the past a professional bhas een employed to do some wiring so all may not be lost.

Although the battery's leave much to be desired as they are only showing a little over 5 volts...........

which is probably why nothing works!

Also, as they are located under the floor of the cockpit in a very tight space I have decided to move the battery storage to a locker under the aft port pilot berth.

I am also considering mounting the battery switches and chargers along the side of the this berth.

I got this idea from Patrick Nason who is based across the pond in New York and also is lovingly restoring a Contest 33, his site can be seen here http://patricknason.com/pelagia-restoration/

This week I removed the cooker which I have listed on ebay as I am hoping to fit an oven instead, although this will mean attacking the galley with a jigsaw!

I also found some hidden workspace hidden above the drawer which is quite a novel idea but would mean removing all of this and cutting the cupboard down in order to take a gimbaled oven and hob.

Unfortunatley I havent had much luck with the fibreglass man in terms of starting work so have decided to do most of this myself, although I do have a cunning plan to recruit a friend who would like to get involved in the project!

Lastly, I had some positive news this week from the broker who sold the boat to me regarding the engine.

I was under the impression the Volvo 2003 was pretty much shot and seized but was not certain, so I asked the broker to make some enquires at the marina in Wood bridge and the story goes like this....

The previous owner had asked the marina workshop to service the engine last year as the boat had been sitting for some time, upon inspection they noticed that the cockpit drains had blocked and water had got into the engine bay, it hadn't filled but did look as though the wiring to the starter motor had been in water so in the interest of health and safety they stopped any further work!

Now it still doesn't mean the engine is serviceable but I will definitely get it checked out properly before deciding to to throw it out.


  1. The engine, and especially the sump, looks pretty clean to me and doesn't seem to have any damage from the water. So if only the wiring was submerged you can change the cables and everything shuld be fine. Does the broker kno when the engine has run for the last time? And have you allready tried to crank it manually?


  2. Hi BJ, not sure when the engine was last running, and I wasn't planning on try to start it until I have changed all the filters etc, was thinking of pouring a little diesel into the cylinders first and letting it soak first.