Saturday, 3 January 2015

Holidays over and its back to work.....

Now the holidays are over I guess its time for an update although progress has been slow........

I have had several trips to the boat since my last update but unfortunately did not get much done, the problem has been that the weather has been playing havoc with my attempts to keep the boat covered with the timber framing which did not stand up too well to 50 knot winds!

After a couple of attempts to repair and change the supports under the cover I have decided just to keep the tarpaulin laying over the mast and tied off, this seems to have survived so far although does not allow for much room when moving around on deck.

I do have a plan for another frame which will involve plastic piping but for the meantime as its been quite cold I have decided to turn my attention to the inside of Hermione.......its much more comfortable working with a heater in the background.

I came to the conclusion that the first job should be to get some 12v power up and running, and in order to do this I need to get started with relocating the battery's to the locker under the pilot berth.

This also coincided with my aim to paint all of the lockers and bilges with grey International Danboline, the sides of the berth also needed a good clean as there were some mould on parts of the bulkheads so I set to work with sugar soap and Acetone in preparation for painting the plywood sides with white anti-mould paint.

I have also fibre glassed in and drilled some supports to take the new battery tray which will be made from 12mm Plywood.

I am pleased with the result from today's work and for the first time really feel as I have started work on restoring Hermione.

The next job will be to cut and fit the battery box and bulkhead for the battery cupboard which I am hoping to do next week.

On a seperate note I have been trying to decide on how to brighten up all of the interior woodwork and have decided to use International Woodskin and would be interested if anyone has had experiences both good or bad with this product.

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