Sunday, 15 March 2015

Plenty to tell you about......

So last Saturday I attended the Medway and Swale Boating Association's Conference at the Chatham Historic Dockyard, and the following day I travelled to the Paddock Wood Hop Farm for the annual Kent boat Jumble.

The Conference was well attended by nearly 200 people who are involved in all types of boating from hovercraft to yachts, and most of the local clubs are represented

Most of the local boat related companies had stalls and there were a few interesting speakers, nice lunch and the chance to catchup with a few old faces made the day complete.

On Sunday I decided to join the rather long line of people waiting to get into the Kent Boat Jumble.

As usual there were plenty of stalls with a variety of stuff to sell including new chandlery, paints, boats and every thing is you could imagine connected to boating.

I managed to grab a few bargains including, paint, varnish, sanding disks and loads of stainless steel screws along with a good rummage around!

Now, back to the important stuff!

I have managed to enlist the help (paid of course) of a friend who has some spare time and he is in the process of finishing sanding the hull on Hermione.

I have been suffering quite badly with a chest infection this week so forced myself to get out the house yesterday and have a look at the boat.

With the heater on inside the boat I decided to have a go at finishing the shore power installation,  the first thing that needed doing was to remove and store the table in the saloon so I could get better access, and to be honest its always in the way when I am trying to do stuff.

Although I never imagined how much it would involve, I had to lift the floorboards in order to access the split pins that were holding the 2 supports in place. 

Once this was done it simply lifted out and I stored it in the forward cabin, I must say I was impressed how much roomier it felt afterwards.

Once clear I began routing the cable for the additional socket in the saloon and also the forward cabin, again it took longer to work out how I would run the cable than the actual fitting.

After fitting the socket it in the saloon I ran the cable through the heads compartment  and into the forward cabin where I fitted the final socket.

So that's it, another job from the long list completed!

Now that the weather seems to be breaking a little I am planning on returning my attention to the outside of the boat as I am keen to make the best of the summer months.

Next job is to complete the sanding of the hull, remove and replace all sea cocks and skin fittings, remove the rudder for inspection, then fill and fair the hull ready for a couple of coats of primer, once the primer is on I can forget about the hull until nearer launch time when I will put the final coats of anti-fouling paint.

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