Sunday, 22 March 2015

Some sanding.......and more sanding......and a video of sanding....

Now the shorepower fitting is complete I decided to revert to working outside, a pal of mine Phil came down in the week and did some sanding to the hull.

My plan on Saturday was to finish of what he had been doing and also complete the other side as well, or so I thought........

You can see that the job is labour intensive, it took around 20 minutes to complete the small area stripped in the video.

Nevertheless I battled on and tried both sander and grinder, the sander with a 180mm disk covers a larger area than the 125mm mini grinder, although the grinder is much lighter and easier to work with.

I settled on the grinder using a 60 grit flap disk and this seemed to cut back the paint and will leave a smooth surface for the primer.

This is the side that has not been completed and hopefully will get finished next week.

I finally managed to complete one side and was pleased with the result.

I found there were many more blisters than originally thought, not too much of a problem, just took them back to good clean fibreglass which I will fill with epoxy filler before priming.

Next week I will hopefully complete the other side, after that it will be the removal of all sea cocks and skin fittings, filling and fairing, a bit more sanding then she should be ready for priming.

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