Sunday, 1 March 2015

Spring is here and work continues.......

So its the first day of Spring and thought I would post an update.
Not a great deal of progress since my last post, although I did have a nice weekend away on the Isle of Wight last week!

I did manage to get down to the boat on Saturday, and on the way I diverted to Brentwood in Essex in order to buy 2 steel trestles on which I am hoping to lay the mast after it is craned off the boat.

Two reasons for this, firstly I need to work on the mast and having it on the boat is not practical, secondly as hopefully the warmer weather arrives I will be able to divert my attention to the outside work needed on the deck and would make it awkward working with the mast laying overhead.

Anyway, before getting back to the shore-power installation I decided the area around the boat needed a tidy up as over the months I have accumulated more rubbish and generally was looking untidy (like the most of the yard).

It was midday by the time I got inside the boat and picked up where I had left off a couple of weeks ago with the electrical installation.
I needed to wire in the consumer unit and start running cable and fitting sockets.

I am very impressed with the cable that I am using, it really is very pliable and easy to work with, important when working in confined spaces and tight corners.

Fitting the actual sockets in the easy part, even wiring is not too much of a problem, but I had forgotten how difficult it was to get into some of the lockers and spaces on a boat.

I persevered and managed to get the double socket fitted in the galley and wired into the fuse box along with another double which I located under the navigators table.

I managed to run both wires directly into the back of the consumer unit which reduces the number of unsightly cables, the sockets are all connected to the 16 amp breaker which will leave a 10 amp for the water heater and the 6 amp for the battery charger.


 I decided that I had gone as far as I could with the wiring for the day so will continue on my next visit, another double in the far end of the saloon and 2 singles in the forward cabin will have to wait.

I am always amazed at how much mess you can make so thought I would show you a before and after......

Next week I have a weekend of boaty related stuff which doesn't involve any work on Hermione!

Saturday is the Medway and Swale Boating Associations yearly conference which should be a good day, some interesting speakers, lunch and the chance to catch up with a few old faces.

Then on Sunday its off to Paddock Wood for the Kent Boat Jumble where I am hoping to pick up a few bargains! 
For the Dutch readers, this is a yearly event, like a big market with stalls selling everything you could think you need and loads of stuff that you don't!

Either way its a day to walk around looking and loads of interesting stuff, I will take a few photos and update the blog so that you can see what your missing out on :)

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