Sunday, 12 April 2015

Making progress with the hull......

Managed to get down to the yard Friday and Saturday and felt that I had made some real progress with the hull.
I made another batch of caustic soda and treated the water line before leaving Friday evening and also finished peeling the starboard side of the hull.

Another job that was needed was to remove the prop so that I could get the grinder behind it, I also want to clean and remove the cutlass bearing amongst other things.

This had been proving difficult to do as I had made several attempts to persuade the prop off its shaft with a hammer and block of wood, not wanting to get too violent with a hammer I decided to borrow some pullers from a friend only to find that there wasnt enough room between the skeg and shaft to fit the puller on.
The only other course of action was to apply some heat to the hub which did the trick and the prop started to move with some light tapping.

With the prop now off I could get right behind the skeg and keel with the grinder.

On saturday I began scraping off the antifoul along the boot top after leaving the caustic soda on over night, it had done a reasonable job and didn't take too long to scrape off.

I then used a pressure washer to clean off the remnants of paint and set to work with the grinder and flap disks, by the end of the day I had managed to complete the starboard side of the hull and was pleased with the results.

Hopefully I will complete the port side next week, once finished I will be removing the old and resealing new through hull fittings as well as replacing the sea cocks.

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