Sunday, 17 May 2015

So much to tell you.......

There's been much happening over the last couple of weeks and not all to do with progress with the work, long story short I have been trying to get as much history regarding the boat as the previous owner had misplaced some of the earlier paperwork of the boats history.

Not a major problem as the boat is Part One Registered and there will be copies held with the MCA, anyway I will come back to that story later.

Since my last post it has all been about getting the hull finished both in terms of repairs, painting and equipment.

After the rudder repair was complete I started filling the rest of the hull where I have had to grind back to fibre-glass due to blistering, I have so far used 3 tins of expoxy filler, and just waiting for 2 more packs so the job can be completed, the Port side has been finished in terms of filling.

Another job needed was to replace the cutless baring along with replacing the anodes, bolts, earth strap, new bolts and threaded bar for the rudder, I also wanted to get a rope cutter in order to protect the prop was its refitted.

As it was my birthday at the weekend I only got a couple of hours on Saturday so decided to use one of my presents I was lucky enough to receive which was a DeWalt multi-tool.

The reason I needed this was to trim the cutlass baring which was 50mm too long so the plan was to fit the new baring and use the multi tool to cut the excess section of the baring. 

Whilst I was at it I also fitted the new grub screws that I ordered last week that hold the baring in place

I was very impressed with the speed at which the tool was able to cut through the brass, and was very easy to control the cutting thanks to the trigger which also controls the speed.

Once the baring was cut I spent a few minutes working with a hand file so that the baring was flush with the casing and also ensuring there were no burrs left.

Once this job was finished I decided to test that everything fitted so offered the housing which slid nicely onto the shaft.

I also then tried the rope cutter which will sit behind the prop and be ready to slice through small diameter rope or fishing line which can get caught in the prop, the idea is that as the prop turns the entangled line will tighten down on the sharp circular blade and cut through hopefully preventing the propshaft from stopping.

I also wanted to check that the other pieces I had bought were going to do the job so laid them all out so that I could in turn check the bolts nuts etc....

The tool will come in handy again when it comes to cutting the threaded bar for the anodes and rudder stock fittings, I also managed to check the fitting of the earth strap which will be used to connect the two anodes together and also bolted onto the cutlass baring housing once fitted.

The only part outstanding now is a replacement rudder bush which I will hopefully be having made by an engineering company as parts are no longer available due to the age of the boat.

So the plan now is to complete the filling of the starboard side and rudder, fit the replacement skin fitting which was removed, then the hull will need sanding again to obtain a nice smooth surface.

I will then reinstall the bearing housing before applying a several coats of epoxy paint, then a final coat of primer before refitting the rudder and anodes. 
Once that's all done I can leave the hull until just before the boat is launched which is when I will apply 2 coats of anti fouling paint.

Back to the issue with the boats history......I wrote to the 3 previous owners in the hope that they might shed some light on the history of the boat, in the week I received a lovely letter from a 93 year old lady who's husband had purchased Hermione in 1974 and were the 2nd owners.

When they purchased the boat it was called 'Sultan' and they decided that the name had to go......they decided on Hermione as it was her husbands mothers name, but also her husband was a Major in the British Army during WW2 and was on board HMS Hermione with his troop en route to Malta when they rammed and sank an Italian Submarine after leaving Hermione it was!

They sold Hermione in 1995 only to buy her back again in 1997 and kept her for a further 5 years until 2002, it was nice to find an owner who had so much admiration for the boat which had almost become part of their family.

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