Sunday, 21 June 2015

Finally I get to do some painting.............

I know its been some time since my last update but to be honest the work has been very mundane, just more filling and fairing at the weekends.

I really did underestimate the amount of filling that was required and the subsequent sanding, nevertheless I have finally got to the stage where I can start painting!

I have had some paid help in the form of Phil from PS Marine who has kindly been doing most of the sanding in his spare time, mates rates obviously.......

So the good news was that saturday was D-Day in terms of painting, I arrived in the morning to find that Phil had finished off sanding the final bits of filler that I had applied and we were ready to paint.

The only possible fly in the ointment was the weather forecast, rain expected later in the day so we were against the clock!

As the paint is a 2 pack Epoxy Primer it is best painted with two to ensure a continuous layer as it tends to go off quite quick.

So by 11.00 I had received my first lesson in mixing 2 pack paint by weight and armed with 2 rollers and trays off we went in the hope we could finally improve the look of Hermione.

In an hour exactly we had managed to apply the first coat without any mishap and I was extremely pleased to see that the boat looked like it was  taking shape.

Luckily the rain arrived an hour or two after by which time the paint had dried enough not for it to be a problem.

I have also posted a video of the whole process.

Hopefully Phil will complete the sanding of the topsides during the week, I will be ordering more paint and if all goes well next week we will have another coat of Primer on the Hull and also the first coat of primer on the Topsides.

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