Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Hull is now complete......

Its been some time since my last update but I have had much to do at home and work so its been a bit hectic.

All of the blisters were sanded back to fresh fibreglass then filled with epoxy filler, after that the hull was treated to several coats of Epoxy Primer paint whilst sanding in between coats.

During this process there were several other jobs that needed completing including fitting a new skin fitting as well as getting a new rudder bush made before refitting the rudder itself.

The first job was preparing the hull for the new skin fitting

Once ready I coated the lip of the skin fitting with sealant and attached it to the hull, whilst this was curing I cut a piece of marine ply to act as a backing plate.

After it was cut to shape I gave this several coats of epoxy resin to ensure it was tough enough to do the job, and it didn't take long for the resin to dry in the warm sunshine.

I left the sealant to cure for a week before the final tightening up of the fitting, once completed I gave it 2 coats of primer to finish the job.


The next job was to refitt the rudder, before I could do this I had to get a new bush made to replace the plastic one which had seen better days. A local engineering firm made a replacement for me which fitted like a glove.

I refitted the bracket with new stainless steel stud and nyloc nuts, before fitting the rudder into position with the new bush in place.

Once everything was in position I then went to work on fitting the new anodes and studding, along with a new earthing strap.

Next was to refit the shaft housing with new cutlass bearing, as well as the addition of a rope cutter which sits on the shaft behind the prop.

The final job was to treat the rudder and everything else with the 2 pack epoxy primer, this now means all the work under the water line is completed apart from the antifouling paint which will be applied just before the boat is relaunched.

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