Thursday, 20 August 2015

Applying primer to the topsides.....

As with the hull below the waterline I had opted for a two Part epoxy primer for the topsides but this in white.

The reason for this was that as the boat had to be painted I wanted the most durable surface possible in the hope this would resist any future scuff marks etc.

I met Phil at the yard at about 8.30am and we set to work cleaning and de-greasing the topsides before going to town with the masking tape.

Once this was completed we were able to crack on with the painting, so after careful measuring and mixing we are able to work together in applying the paint, Phil working the higher levels and me working down below, we managed to get two coats on by the end of the day and were very pleased with the results.

It was great to see that the project was now starting to look good and real progress was being made.

The paint went very easily and flowed out well which was assisted by the warm but not hot temperature.

As there was nothing else to day except watch paint dry we decided to call it a day and finish of with a drink in the local pub across the road, where we discussed the plan for the nest weekend excited at the prospect of being able to apply the topcoat!

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