Thursday, 20 August 2015

Preparing the Topsides....

So after refurbishing the rubbing strake on the Starboard side it was time to get to grips with preparing the topsides for painting, although I knew all the work would be in the preparation I still wasn't quite prepared for the amount of work required.

Nevertheless with the help of Phil it did make things a little easier, he had already completed some of the sanding but there was still a fair mount to be done.

I had decided to buy a new air hose for the compressor as the one we currently used was a tad on the narrow side and tended to slow down the sanding, 

After a visit to Screwfix in the morning I was ready to go armed with the new hose and some fresh P80 sanding disks.

This section took just under an hour.

By the end of the day I had just about completed all of the sanding and had just left around a meter of topside left to do but by this time I had enough and resigned myself to packing up.

I got home and decided to ring Phil to see if he could finish it off for me in the week so that we could start on the primer coats the following Saturday.

After some jiggling at work I managed to secure a couple of late days in the office during the week which meant I could get down to the boat for a few hours before going in to work, and when I returned on Tuesday I was pleased to see that indeed Phil had been and completed the job.

What I needed to do next was some more filling and fairing as there were a few bits of damage that needed attention.

I set to work with the filler again knowing that if I could finish the job before going to work I should be able to sand these areas down the following morning which meant I should still be able to apply the primer at the weekend.

Luckily this went to plan and the boat was ready for priming the following weekend.

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