Monday, 7 September 2015

Slow progress, but a new addition arrives.........

Another delay in updating I am afraid which has been down to poor weather and having a break away.

After applying the primer the next job was to start painting the top coat which is a new paint from Jotun called AX top coat, after speaking to the supplier I opted for this as it extremely durable and has good wet edge properties which makes it easier when applying by hand. 

The plan was for Phil and I to use the roll and tip method, whereby one person applies the paint with a roller in one direction whilst the other person tips off with a brush.
As it was quite a hot day the paint was going off quicker than expected so Phil found it better applying the paint and then immediately tipping off himself.

It took just under 3 hours to apply one coat after which it would have to be left for 18 hours before over coating, we gave the privilege of removing the masking tape from the fist coat to Liam who had driven down from London to have a look at Hermione.

The paint went on extremely well and I was please with the results of the first coat even though it looked stripy, this will disappear by the time all 3 coats are applied.

Once finished we cleaned up and retired to the pub for lunch and a pint in the sun! 

Now you may be somewhat surprised by my mention of a new addition.....I know I was, whilst away in Dartmouth I had been looking at boats on the internet and in a fit of madness decided to make a silly bid on an early Sunseeker motor boat from the seventies that was up for auction on eBay.

I have always liked the shape of these older boats plus this one came with an extremely good twin axle trailer, the next day I checked my emails to find that I had won the auction for what I will only say was a very very low price. In fact I could sell the trailer on its own for more than I paid for the whole lot.

So after returning home from Dartmouth I set about contacting the seller to make arrangements to collect and pay for the boat, the next day I hired a van and drove back down the M3 to the New Forest to meet the owner and complete the deal.

The trailer towed like a dream and the journey back to Upnor was was uneventful apart from the roadworks on the M3 and usual afternoon traffic on the M25.

The boat itself is just a shell and is in an ideal condition to be restored, although I am unable to devote any time to another project so I knew I would either have to clean her up and turn a quick profit or wrap it up and store it in the corner of the yard until I was ready to work on it.

Until I hit upon the idea of involving my Daughter and Partner who I knew were keen to get involved in a boat project, so the plan is I will give guidance on work required and materials whilst they will do the actual work themselves.

I have agreed to help organise an engine if and when we get to that stage so will have to start looking and getting some ideas.

But fear not, for the time being my attention will stay with Hermione as this is my priority.

As the painting is a slow process I will update again once the topsides are finished and hopefully will be able to show some impressive photos of the completed job.

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