Sunday, 27 September 2015

Top sides almost finished.....

Again I realise its been some time since the last update but I wont blog just for the sake of it.

I have now finished applying four full coats of top coat paint to the topsides and now feel like we are almost there.

This has taken longer thank expected due to several reasons but mainly the weather over the last few weeks has been very wet so not ideal for painting, also I have been sanding between coats to try and get the best finish possible.

It took some time to get used to painting with this particular two pack paint as it does start to dry quite quickly so you need to 'tip off' almost immediately. Also sunglasses are a must so that you can easily see where the wet edge is.

That said, once you get into a rythm it goes on fairly easily, and although the brush marks are visible I am hoping for a nice finish.

For those of you considering a similar job I thought some stats might be usefull:
Paint: Jotun Topcoat AX
Thinners:Jotun No10 
I have found the best method of mixing is by weight, half a litre of paint at a time works the best and will last around 90 minutes with the odd splash of thinners, time enough to paint one side although best to apply full coats each time.
0.5 litre = 700g of Paint (570g Topcoat + 130g catalyst) so thats about 1 litre per coat on a 32ft boat.

Four coats should be ample, and I will start the final stage next week of removing the brush stokes. Before sanding I am going to try compounding them out with a polisher and liquid and will report back.

Aimee visited last weekend to commence work on the new project and spent the day removing the carpet which lined the cuddy and scraping off any remaining glue.

I was quite impressed at the determination she had as the electric scraper was buzzing nearly all day and she didnt even have a tea break!

Although we did stop for lunch, one other point I noticed is that she cleans up after a days work and left the cuddy cleaner than she found it, not something I can admit to being very good at........

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