Monday, 16 November 2015

Mast off, shelter on.....

With one thing and another I haven't been able to do a great deal although things have progressed a little since my last update.

After completing the paint job on the hull and topsides I did ask the yard to remove the mast and place on the stands I had erected next to the boat which I was pleased to see had been done.  

This meant I was able to start erecting the cover over the deck which I need in order to continue with the external works on the deck and cockpit.
My plan was to use 40mm poly pipe strapped to the stanchions as well as being secured to each other with rope, with aim of producing a tunnel type cover.

Once finished I covered the frame with a heavy duty tarpaulin which is held down by 1 litre plastic milk cartons filled with water which I had been collecting for some time, at several paints I also secured the sheeting with rope and bungees.

My hope is that if it survives the forecast winds of 70 mph this week it will mean I am able to sand, fill and undercoat the deck and cockpit before it gets too cold to paint.
Of course there is every likelihood that I will arrive at the yard next week to find my sheet and frame in pieces, in which case I will give up on the idea trying to finish any painting this year and instead wait until spring. 

Another job needed was to cut a new washboard and install the original lock so that the boat was secure, this I managed with some 12 mm exterior ply.

I then gave it several coats of Deks Olje (dutch oil) which made it much more weatherproof and gave it a much better look.

Another job needed was to tidy and organise the inside of the boat, over the last couple of months as most of the time was spent outside painting etc I had neglected the inside and there were tools and painting equipment everywhere, firstly I took a stock take of the paint storage area which is in the forward cabin where I also store my tool kits.

I have also decided to make the heads compartment the wood store as it is likely to be one of the last jobs to be done.

I had tried storing all tools and equipment in storage boxes but decided it was all getting too messy so I thought I would store everything in the cupboards and label them so I can easily see where everything is when I need it.

I even managed to find a space for Henry the hoover who seemed quite happy with his new home....

What I am faced with next week will decide how I move forward, if the shelter has held up I will crack on with the exterior work, if it has succumbed to the weather then I will re-evaluate the list and turn my intentions to the inside for the winter.


  1. I saw your website on CYOC forum and I really enjoyed reading it. Nice work done Neil!!!

  2. Thanks Toine, glad you like it.