Sunday, 3 January 2016

Interior works progressing nicely......

I hope you all had a good christmas and now that the festive season closes those of us will in the boating world will now start looking forward to spring and all the annual jobs that go with preparing a boat for the season.
I for that matter continue to make head way and had a good day with plenty of work done.

My first job was a little clearing up as I had made quite a mess whilst sanding.....

After a short while I had managed to tidy up and was ready for the next stage of work.

The first job was to sand the filler I had left to dry last week in the wood panels.

The difficult part of this job is ensuring that the sandpaper does not penetrate through the veneer and expose the plywood panels.

Without going into too much detail, this has to be done gently with a fine grade paper, I have recorded a video showing this in more detail.

The next job was to wipe down and prepare the GRP ceiling lining for painting, this basically involves ensuring all dust is cleaned off the surface using cloths with white spirit, once finished I started the job of masking all the wood panels where they meet the liner so as to not accidentally get any paint on the wood whilst painting.

This involved much more work than i thought and so took a couple of hours and used almost a whole roll of tape.

I had intended to painfully mask around the port lights but wondered if there was a better solution as I was not convinced this would give a clean finish, ideally the inner frame would be removed whilst painting and then replaced.

This would be ok on a fine day but was concerned that water may penetrate if it decided to rain, with this in mind I decided to try my luck and remove one of the frames as it was also raining at the time so I should find out fairly quickly if the seal remained.

The frame was surprisingly easy to remove and the outer seal obviously remained as there was no water ingress at all.

So with the frame removed I will be able to get a seamless coat of paint around the edges which should give a professional finish.
It will also give me the opportunity to reseal and clean the inner frames, to see a bit more about cleaning stainless steel I have another video below.

Another question I had been pondering was what I would do with the floor, my previous boats had either been carpeted or had a nice shiny varnish finish.
I decided to take up the carpet and sand a section of hardwood floor to see what the colouring and finish was like.

I was pleased with how easily the finish came up and have decided to treat the wood with a hard wax oil called Treatex which will hopefully give a great hard wearing finish, although I will leave this job until the painting is complete.

My final problem was to try and decided what I would do with the wood panels in terms of treatment, I had considered using oils or varnish but unfortunately the veneer in some places is not in great condition.

This is where water has penetrated the veneer and left quite unsightly marks.

The picture above is where there has been wear on the panel and has just worn through the veneer which incidental is only around 0.5mm thick.

This would be extremely difficult to cover up with any stain or varnish, also there is the problem of patchy colouring, this is where there have been items removed from the bulkhead that had been in place for some time and highlights UV beaching of the veneer.

With all of that in mind I think there are only two viable options, firstly I could purchase new veneers and glue to existing panels, although this would involve lots of work and I am not convinced I will will be able to achieve a seamless finish, so the option I have decided to go with is to paint the bulk heads and main panels white, then varnishing all of the solid hardwood trim and posts in order to make a feature of them. 
I have found a couple of pictures with a similar design and quite like the look it gives along with making it feel generally lighter.

I think it looks much lighter and generally enhances the look of the interior.

So next week I will begin painting the ceiling liner and will update on the progress.

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