Sunday, 10 January 2016

Painting doesn't go to plan......

So after much deliberation and research I decided to go with an oil based primer from Zinsser which can be over-coated by any paint and also has several other benefits, one of which is the ability to overcoat after just two hours and be touch dry after 30 minutes.
The Topcoat I am using is International Toplac which should give a very nice gloss and smooth finish,
So I arrived at the boat on Saturday morning excited at the thought of finally getting to apply some paint and getting on the road to making a real difference to the appearance down below.
All I had to do was remove the interior window frames and I was set to go.......or so I thought!

I did remove one of the frames last week which didn't take very long so I was hoping to have had the 5 remaining frames off within an hour.

I realised that the plan was not going to work when after removing the inner frame the glass fell into the floor and the outer frame fell onto the deck!....

In all honesty I knew I was chancing my arm relying on any sealant previously applied holding the outer frame and glass in place, luckily the window did not break and remained in one piece.

So there I was, chomping at the bit to get paining but now with the prospect of having to remove all of the windows completely, a job I was planning on leaving until the spring, and guess was raining!

I formulated a plan which involved removing all of the windows, then, using the redundant tarpaulin being kept under the boat I would cut sections and Duck Tape them to the boat in order to keep the boat dry.

Luckily the rain was not persistent so there was only a few drops coming inside, I set about the tarpaulin with a pair of scissors and cut 6 sections that were a couple of inches larger than the actual size of the windows.
I started to tape the covers to the boat and the rain became harder, so there I was kneeling on the deck holding an umbrella and trying to apply duck tape, problem is the tape will only attach if the surface is completely dry so there were pieces of kitchen towel and cloths every where but I eventually completed one side.

It was now time to start on the other side of the boat, although I was beginning to have doubts on how long the tape would hold. Seeing as though I wanted to keep the window frames out of the boat until I could return to painting on deck in the spring I was not convinced this solution would last.
As you know I have previously attempted to construct an overall cover although neither efforts held up to storm force winds.
I came up with an alternative which involved covering all of the coach roof with tarpaulin so that all of the windows were covered.

After scouring the boat yard I eventually found enough pieces of scaffold tube and lumps of wood so I could secure the tarpaulin and ensure it would remain in place in the event of strong winds.
I am confident this cover will do the trick and hopefully keep the weather out,  but watch this space......

After a quick clean up and a bite of lunch it was eventually time to start painting, although it was now 2pm!
I needed to be finished by 4pm so I had two hours in which to start undercoating, I decided to start at the pilot berth as this would be the most awkward space to crawl into.

I found the paint quite thick in consistency but seemed to go on with little problem and covered quite well as advertised on the tin.
There is a warning on the tin regarding the fumes so I opened one of the deck hatches and planned to use my mask, unfortunately after spending several minutes crawling into the tight space and finding the best spot which allowed me get to the paint tray and reach up to roller it on I realised I had forgotten the mask, nevertheless I carried on and managed to get it painted without fainting.


It had taken longer than expected to complete this section so I decided to just use up what was left in the tray and start in the main saloon.

Hopefully I will get a full day painting next weekend which should make a real difference to progress. Although not planned the removal of the windows is a blessing in disguise as it will enable to take them home and strip clean the frames as well as getting a replacement glass for one that was already broken when I bought the boat.

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