Sunday, 14 February 2016

I am no engineer, but.......

Although I am still working on Hermione's  interior I decided it was time to asses the engine in order to plan what to do once the painting is complete in the saloon, as I had no idea what to expect I started with the most basic of checks which is to see if the engine will turn over by hand.

With some in-trepidation I attched the correct size socket to the crankshaft and gently started to apply pressure, after a few attempts I decided to use a more substantial torque wrench and tried 'rocking' in each direction but it was obviously seized solid.

I decided to check the water pump in order to see the condition of the impellor, this might give an indication as to what had happened.

The impeller seemed in reasonable condition which meant it might not have been a cooling problem, I knew that the oil was in reasonable condition as I had checked this when I bought the boat.
So out of curiosity I thought I would remove the oil filler cap to have a general look around inside.

I am no engineer but what I found certainly gave me an indication of the condition of the unit!

It wasnt looking great, especially wen you consider I was able to fish out a broken piece of meatal with a pair of pliers.

In some respects I was pleased to know what the situation is with the engine as it now allows me to plan how to progress with the project.
I have managed to source a replacement engine from Marine Enterprises Ltd who have a reputation for supplying good rebuilt or used engines, they are expecting another VP 2003 in the next couple of weeks which now has my name on it, they will even give me £200 for the broken engine and collect it free of charge!

So on with the painting, I managed to get two coats of primer on all of the areas that will be painted cream, along with the galley area that will be white.

Here is a Time lapse video of the painting,

And here are a few before and after photos:

So now I have a plan.......once I have finished painting and varnishing the saloon, I will then look at removing the engine, repainting the engine area, fitting new insulation as well as fitting a new stern gland. Once all thats I done I should be ready to install the replacement engine.

By that time it will hopeful be warmer and I can turn my attention to sanding fairing and painting the decks and cockpit areas.


  1. A shame that the engine has to be replaced but broken pieces of metal is not a good sign, you don't have to be an enigeer for that ;-) Good progress on the painting, you also painted al the woodwork white? That wille give a lot of daylight in the cabin, even on cloudy days.
    Replacing the gland is a good idea as well, are you going to mount a Volvo Seal?

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