Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Teak Veneer Refurb....

One of the final jobs in the saloon is to refurbish the cupboard doors that are teak veneer, as there is over 20 of them I have decided to tackle them one at a time. Firstly the original brass piano hinge is cleaned with a mini flapdisk, although I have managed to buy two meters of hinge that can be cut to size if it needs replacing.

I was also lucky enough to find a handy piece of kit on board in the form of a Stanley vice which can go just about anywhere and has proved invaluable.

Once I am happy that the hinge is clean and working the next step is to go about carefully sanding the veneer to remove old layers of varnish without sanding through the veneer.

 The doors are then ready for final varnishing.

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