Sunday, 17 April 2016

More progress with engine removal.....

The last couple of weeks have been about preparing for the removal of the engine, disconnecting wires, cables and hoses.
The most difficult part of the job was the prop-shaft removal, in part my fault as I had started with removing the actual collar from the shaft, when in fact I should have just disconnected the flexible coupling from the gearbox.

Once this was complete I was able to have a good look at the stuffing box and fittings, all looked ok except that the nut was all the way up the thread so it will need repacking etc.

I had considered replacing with a drip-less shaft seal but have since decided to keep what is already there and see how it goes.

The weather was not great last week so came up with the idea of using a parasol which I tied off on each corner and it certainly kept the rain off whilst we working.
I also forgot to mention that Liam came down to help both last week and this week which was a great help.

As with most jobs on boats, one job turns into three or four, and this was no different!
I had been considering replacing the fuel tank due to the length of time it had been sitting for and the fact I would not be able to adequately inspect and clean it. This was confirmed after I had squeezed my less than slim figure through the locker opening into the bowls of the ship!

The tank appears to be original and all fittings looked somewhat suspect to say the least.

I also found a couple of connections that were in a terrible condition, I am intending to replace all the fuel lines with flexible hose.

I arrived yesterday all ready to have the engine lifted and had pre warned Terry, who said he would lift it with the forklift truck.
I fitted a chain across the two lifting points on the engine with some shackles, then another shackle half way along the chain to take the strop from the Fork Lift. It all went swimmingly well with the help of a little bit of jiggling through the companionway.

Obviously there is loads of mess to clear out, Liam managed to remove all the old insulation and we both disconnected and removed the old bilge pump pipework etc before we finished for the day.

So the next job will be to cut out the old fuel tank, look for a replacement, organise new fuel lines, get a battery, cable and switch. Get some new insulation, clean and repaint the engine bay, and then possibly think about fitting the replacement!

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