Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Saloon and Galley refurb complete......

I know it has been sometime since my last update but the saloon and galley has taken longer than expected and did not want to post until some real progress had been made.
I am pleased to say that this has now been completed and I am very happy with the results.

As you may know, one of my biggest tasks was how to refurbish the teak veneer on the cupboard doors, I managed to get them all sanded by using 240 grit disks on an air sander which allowed me to take off previous coats of varnish without damaging the veneer too much. I also tested a clear varnish on one of them but found the appearance still quite faded but with a gloss finish. 
I decided to seek some professional advice and went with a Dulux trade woodstain which was colour mixed to order.

I was very impressed with the result after just one coat, and although it looks very glossy when applied, once dry it has a much more satin look.

Once this was decided I started on the galley as I was not happy with the blue work tops or white painted doors, after some research I felt the best option would be to go for a 0.9mm formica glued to the existing surface. I managed to secure about four times the amount needed on ebay for around £50, this was a good thing as I had underestimated how difficult this stuff was to cut without damaging it.

On my third attempt I managed to get a piece cut that was undamaged, the formica is so brittle it can crack easily unless you are very careful.
I found the best way was to you use tin snips or to just score a line and gently break off, it took nearly a whole day just to get a piece cut in shape and the two sections removed for the sink and larder cupboard lid.

Once ready to be fixed I keyed the surface with a 120 grit paper before applying Thixofix contact adhesive to the existing worktop and formica, this was by far the easiest part of the job!
I left the formica overnight with a few tins of paint on top to ensure it was weighted down.

On my next visit I found that the adhesive had worked a treat and everything was as it should be, the only job left was to trim the edges of the lid to the larder cupboard with the tin snips followed with some sanding.

The next job was to get to work on all 7 cupboard doors in the galley as they had been painted white by a previous owner. Luckily enough I found that with a super sharp chisel I was able to strip all the paint off without too much trouble, although the mess was considerable!

After refitting the doors and masking off I was ready to start staining, I found the dulux stain quite easy to work with and went on without too much fuss and was very pleased with the outcome.

Next job was to mask off the rest of the areas that were to be stained in the  hope that the newly painted areas were not ruined!

I think the results were worth the effort and makes for a much lighter feel to the boat.

I also have some before and after shots.

With the saloon and galley complete I am now able to turn my attention to removing the engine so that the replacement can be fitted, will hopefully have an update on that soon.


  1. A very nice result Neil, something to be proud of.

    1. Thanks very much, getting there....

    2. Thanks very much, getting there....

  2. Neil,
    I have just discovered your blog, its fantastic. I came across an old S&S boat last year and after this summer, I will be starting something similar to what you are doing. I am sure I will spend a lot of time between now and then looking through your blog!

    All the best,

    1. Glad you like it, feel free to get in touch with any questions.

    2. Glad you like it, feel free to get in touch with any questions.