Monday, 30 May 2016

Engineer comments and test run.....

Kevin from Kent Marine services came down to check over the engine and works that I had done in preparation for the engine being fitted, this proved to be a good idea as he picked up on a few points that I didn't know about and of course resulted in more work!

He noticed that all the fuel connections had been sealed with PTFE tape, a good idea I thought at the time, apparently this is not advised for a fuel system! I set about removing all the PTFE tape and replacing with a liquid thread sealant.

Another problem he noticed was that the old engine mounts were still attached and felt that this was most likely due to them being seized and might need cutting off, he was 50% correct as two had to be attacked with a grinder.

The last and probably most important issue he picked up on was that the gearbox on the replacement engine had a down angle where as the original gearbox was straight with no angle.

Although barely visible this angle would prevent connection to the shaft so the only alternative was to remove both gearboxes and swap them over, a straight forward job he assured me!

In fairness it was only a matter of 6 bolts and a bit of jiggery pokery and off it came.

Once all these jobs were complete the only thing left to do was to run the engine up whilst it was still outside the boat to ensure everything was ok, obviously if there were any problems it would be much easier to work on the engine before it was fitted.

After successful testing the only thing left to do is to arrange a day for Kevin to comeback and oversee the fitting of the engine into the boat and subsequent wiring.

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