Saturday, 4 June 2016

Exhaust outlet, stern gland packing and instrument panel refurbishment.

Just when I thought I was about ready to have the engine fitted I realised there were still jobs to be done!
Firstly the exhaust elbow/outlet is larger than the old one so i was concerned that the pipe and outlet were not large enough.

The outlet was only 30mm ID where as the exhaust elbow has an ID of 45mm, the wet exhaust pipe is 45mm so will be able to cope with the gases and water although the OD of the elbow is 58mm so will need a reducer.
I had resigned myself to removing the current outlet and purchasing and fitting a larger one, half way through undoing all the connections I decided to look again at the existing outlet and realised that the only reason it was 30mm was that a rubber pipe had been added at some stage and eventually came out with a little encouragement.

This now gave me an outlet that was around 40mm ID, only 5mm smaller than the exhaust outlet on the engine.
Quite happy to see how it goes and really don't think it will be a problem but easy to rectify if necessary.

Another one of the final jobs was to fit the new packing to the stern gland, again I had never done this before but I had an idea and the beauty of Google is that someone has always posted an easy to follow guide. Rather than explain how it goes together its much easier to show you a picture of the set up I have on Hermione.

The purpose of this in simple terms is to allow the shaft to enter the boat so it can connect to the gearbox, as well as allowing it to spin at speed without causing too much friction, and the most important job is to stop water entering the boat! Simples......

This was the original instrument panel fitted to Hermione, I identified this as an area that could do with some work!

I must admit to taking this back as homework so I could sand and repaint during the week, I applied 3 coats of international Toplac which did the job quite nicely.

Obviously I had to make some additional cuts to accommodate the new gauges, this was made easy by using a oscillating multi-tool.
Very pleased with the results.

The last job was to check the fuel that I had left in the tank last week, the plan was to drain the fuel in the hope that it was reasonably clean which would mean it was ready for action.

As you can see from the video the fuel is running clean and should be fine for the last stage of the tank cleaning process which involves filling with diesel and treating with Marine16, this should deal with any traces of bug remaining. 
I am off on holiday next week so may be a while before I can get back to it.


  1. Good stuff Neil - like the additions of vids too!

  2. Very nice are bringing back memories of my Contest 31 rebuild, a 1972 model. You are getting close!


  3. Very nice are bringing back memories of my Contest 31 rebuild, a 1972 model. You are getting close!