Sunday, 3 July 2016

Engine in and running....

It seems to have taken so long but am pleased to report that the replacement engine has now been lifted in and is up and running!
I decided in the end to fit it myself and will get the engineer to come back and do some ancillary wiring for gauges etc. at a later date.

The forecast on the day of lifting was dry in the morning and some rain later after around 3pm, as it was a friends birthday they popped down to the yard and we went into the local pub for lunch. I returned to the yard around 1pm and could see there was a dark cloud looming so got to work lifting the engine in. The engine went straight onto the mounts without any fuss and fitted snugly into the engine bay. 

I had received the parts needed for the exhaust in the week so was ready to get started with the installation yesterday, I arrived at the yard early and luckily Liam decided to pop down and was a great help with getting the engine plumbed in.

I needed to do the following jobs before I could try and start the engine:
Refit shaft and flexible coupling
Fit new water supply hose, ball valve and sea water intake
Fit supply and return fuel hoses
Fit battery and cables to engine
Build exhaust parts and fit to engine and water lock box
Fit anti-syphon valve and pipes

The exhaust pipes went on without too much trouble although quite a fiddly job and of course time consuming.

With everything fitted and ready to go the only job left was to fit the refurbished instrument panel and gauges. Liam did a sterling job on this along with fitting a clear plastic weather cover which should keep everything dry.

It was time for the nerve wrecking moment of awakening the beast!

I was surprised and very pleased to see how easily the engine started given that it had been several weeks since it was last run.

There are still some small jobs to do like fitting the remote cables and securing some of the wiring but for the most part the engine is up and running.
I took the opportunity of a 10% discount this weekend at my local chandlers and purchased two tins of international perfection which I will use on  the deck and cockpit which will be the next major objective!  

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