Sunday, 31 July 2016

Preparing decks and cockpit for painting

After the engine installation there were still a few issues that needed addressing, firstly the engine wasn't charging the battery, this turned out to be a simple loose connection.

I also found a leak on the diesel return pipe which was a simple fix, I also wanted to rig something more permanent in terms of cooling so that the engine can be run regularly.

I managed to liberate an old water butt and ran a pipe into the water intake, then found some old exhaust hose which I ran from the exhaust outlet back into the water butt.

Once all of this was completed there was one other minor job which I had been meaning to do which would enable me to paint without too much worry.
After several failed attempts of constructing a shelter over the boat I decided to go for a simple tent design which is basically a scaffold pole from one end to the other with a heavy duty sheet over the top.

I have decided to wait until the sanding is finished before sheeting over so that dust will not be a problem.

I also had a tidy up around the boat and relocated the compressor and petrol pressure washer, this will hopefully make it easier to move around the boat with a platform.

Now that all of the little jobs were done it was time to start sanding, I decided to start in the cockpit as I thought it would be the trickiest area due to all the nooks and crannies.

This was the before photo

And after, as I thought it was very tricky area to sand especially around the companion way hatch and floor.

I also had to prepare for filling the various holes which I did buy sealing plywood patches to the inside for the larger holes.

In order to get every where with the sander I also removed the companionway hatch which again was quite fiddly.

After a few hours I had managed to complete all of the sanding in the cockpit and was ready to get home for a rest!

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