Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Finally ready to paint!

It took longer than expected but Hermione is just about ready to receive some paint on the deck.
the regime of filling and sanding is now complete, just when you think you have done it all you end up finding more areas that need filling. One area that needed most filling was the cockpit, partly due to removing the manual bilge pump which will be relocated, as well as the outlets from the pump that drained into the cockpit!

Next job was to remove as much of the deck hardware as possible, this was very time consuming as every thing on this boat seems to have been fibre glassed in with limited access.

Just an example....

The rest of the cleats came off without too much difficulty, although the Samson post at the bow was a different story!
The manual anchor windlass came away like a dream after removing the four bolts.

The deck hatches were an absolute dream to remove, in fact the first one came off so easily I decided to record a time lapse of the removal of the second hatch.

My plan is to have the orignal hatches stripped and then repainted before refitting.

Before starting the job of stripping them I will explore the possibilty of having the acid dipped or similiar which could save an awful lot of time.

The final sanding job was to remove the plastic covering the windows and sand the port apertures, although I hadn't banked on having so much trouble removing the glue from the duck tape.
One lesson I did learn was that white spirit breaks the glue down better than acetone!

Obviously I had exposed all of the windows and hatches so needed to cover the boat, I did this using a simple A frame system and pulled the sheet back like a set of curtains.

Hopefully this will last for a couple of weeks until I get all the painting complete. Will give an update on painting soon

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  1. Neil, good luck with the job, looking forward to the result.