Sunday, 18 September 2016

Painting decks and cockpit with two pack epoxy primer

As the boat had been stripped and prepared for painting my basic A frame tent has been keeping most of the wet stuff out and has allowed me to start priming.
I am using a 2 pack epoxy primer which should give it a tough base for the 2 pack polyurethane topcoat to adhere to.

This was what the first coat looked like, painting the primer actually took much longer than I thought it would, it took pretty much a whole day to do each side of the decks, and almost a day for the coachroof!

Considering I am applying two coats its very time consuming, the mixing of the paint is not difficult and found measuring by weight the easiest option. I am using a generic cellulose thinners for cleaning and adding to the paint which seems to work fine.

If you can see, the decks to the right have two coats whilst the left side has only one, coverage is very good and it is an extremely hard paint once dry so should be up to the job.

You can see the difference between the old faded cream gelcoat and the new painted surface, whilst prepping I really got to see what a poor state the gelcoat was in and was happy the only alternative was to paint.

The cockpit looked particularly dreadful so couldn't wait to get a coat of paint on it.

Again this is the result with just one coat, it looks so much cleaner already, one more coat in the cockpit and she should be ready for the topcoat.

Obviously I removed the companion way hatch and two locker lids which I also painted, they have now had two coats and just need the undersides painting.

So now it is a race against time to get the topcoat on before the really cold stuff comes, before that happens I have to give the cockpit one more coat of primer, then sand the whole lot again and wipe down, once completed I can start refitting the hatches, windows and deck hardware.

Products used:
Primer: Jotun Penguard HB epoxy primer 
Top coat: International Perfection

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