Friday, 9 September 2016

Lewmar 34ST winch renovation

Just a quick update regarding the winches, in order to save several hundred pounds I decided to have a look at the Lewmar 34ST winches fitted to Hermione on the off chance they could be brought back to life.

This model had been discontinued over 20 years ago and they had both seen better days in terms of looks as the the chrome had all but worn away, plus the port side winch was seized solid.

I managed to strip them down so I could have a good look and decide if they could be saved.

As you can see they were in a bit of a state and most of the grease had become rock hard in places, I doused them in WD40 and left it to soak for a few days. I then started cleaning them with petrol and eventually managed to get the seized one free so both were now running much better.

As you can see, once cleaned all the workings seem to be in good condition, I recorded the cleaning process which can be seen below.

The next obstacle was to see what could be done to make them look better, I had a trawl on the internet and to my surprise found a chap who did re chroming and lived just around the corner.

I took the drums along for him to have a look, I had been told it wouldn't be cheap to have them done properly so wasn't surprised when he quoted 80-100 quid each!

After a week I had a call to say they were ready to be collected, I was amazed at the results!

Here is a before and after

As you can see the difference is amazing

I was also pleased that the textured centre had been kept to ensure the sheets don't slip off, very pleased with the outcome and the fact that I had saved hundreds of pounds!

All that's left is to grease them properly just before they are refitted to Hermione.


  1. A great job, they look like brandnew. And with saving a few hundred you have some extra to spend on gadgets ;-)

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