Thursday, 20 October 2016

Painting decks and cockpit with two pack International Perfection

So I eventually managed to finish the priming and got two good coats on, I am finding it a tad more difficult than I had imagined it would be, only because of the lack of space I guess.
The coach-roof and cockpit areas seem easy enough, probably as it doesn't involve squeezing myself into an 18 inch walk way with a roller and brush! (I am not as small as I look.....)

Final coat of primer.

When painting the decks, coach roof and cock pit you need a system that will enable you to paint without getting painted into a corner so to speak.
I have found it best to complete one whole side of the deck and the coach-roof which normally takes a day including a pre sweep and wipe down, then the other side of the deck and another coat on the coach roof.
The cockpit is done separately and find I can coat everything in a day, so in total its two and a half days for one coat on everything.

I was unsure how the top coat was going to go on as I had never used this particular paint before so was a bit of a learning curve.

I was pleased how easily the paint went on, although quite thin it does flow out very well and you can see the brush marks just disappear, unlike the Jotun two pack I used on the topsides.

So to summarise, although International Perfection is quite a bit more expensive than the Jotun paint it goes on well and flows out much better which more than compensates for the additional cost.

In terms of quantity it takes one 750ml tin for one coat on the deck and coach roof and I estimate one tin for a coat on all the cockpit surfaces so the total cost is £90 per coat. Buying the paint in the commonly sold 750mm tins works out at £65 per litre, but if you buy a 2.5lt pot it works out to £48 per litre.
If I do three coats on everything I should use around 4.5 litres with a potential saving of £70....not to be sniffed at!