Monday, 14 November 2016

Planning for heads and forward cabin refurbishment.....suggestions gratefully accepted!

As the weather has got considerably colder I decided to turn my attentions to the interior, the next part of the inside refurb is the heads and forward cabin. I am still hoping to get some more painting done on the decks but for the meantime thought I would start planning ahead.

Firstly the forward cabin needs a good freshen up and as you might be able to see there is a GRP liner on the sides and ceiling.

Its all looking a bit worst for wear and not too sure how to tackle it, half of me wants to sand it all down and paint, the other half wants to strip it all out and cover it with something else.

I can show you a couple of photos from other Contest 33's to give you an idea.

If I could it to look anything like the two examples above I would be very happy!

The next issue is how to fit out the heads compartment, this is what it looks like currently.

And below are two other examples.

Again if I can get anywhere near this it would a vast improvement, I am hoping to install a shower, and of course the dreaded loo.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for this part of the project please feel free to drop me a line, I also need to find a suitable size shower mixer as in the photos above so again any suggestions would be appreciated. 


  1. I guess if you remove the mahogany stand of the loo and replace it with a smaller, GRP model it would be a big approvement. And lots of white, bright paint :-)

  2. I would get rid of the Iso-container paneling and go for a smooth finish. I also agree with Bertjan and get lots of white, with wood units. Bravo

  3. Thanks chaps, all very much appreciated!