Thursday, 3 November 2016

Port lights and deck hatches re-anodising results

So whilst the unending task of painting continues thought I would update you with how some of the other bits have been coming along.
Obviously I had removed as much from the decks as possible before painting which included all of port light frames and deck hatches.

The hatches were in a pretty sorry state after being painted white, I did consider replacing them but was loathed to as they were still water tight and looked original. I made some enquires and found a metal finishers who said they could re-anodise them for me but suggested they were sand blasted first. 

I found a local place who charged me £30 to blast the 4 frames, after which I took them to Star Anodising for re-anodising, whilst there I managed to strike a deal which meant they would do all of the port lights as well, all for £60!
A few days later I received a call to say the work was done.

I was really pleased with the results of the port lights and hatches and so glad I decided to keep rather than replace the 45 year old parts!

Apart from a few small areas of corrosion they look like new.
Whilst the frames were being refurbished I decided to take the opportunity of treating them to new lenses as well which meant a trip down to Tonbridge to see Jean-Pierre and his Parrot at Hadlow Marine
I also needed a replacement glass for one of the large port lights that was cracked when I purchased Hermione, along with a complete new Port Light for the heads compartment which broke apart during removal.

I have used him before, and must say is one of the few in the marine services industry that does what he says he will, when he says he will do it! So highly recommended.


  1. So much better after the clean up and worth the price. Bravo.

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