Sunday, 27 November 2016

V Berth refurb part one

I started stripping back as I now have a plan for the refurbishment of the v-berth.
The first job was to start with the anchor locker which needed a lick of paint as well as some modification.

 I gave the inside a rough sand and wipe down before applying a generous amount of international Danboline paint.

The access hatch for the locker is a tad too low for my liking and so I decided to raise the bottom to safely hold back the 40 meters of chain it will house so that the door does not take the full weight.

 I removed the piece of wood that had been put in place by a previous owner and started to make a more substantial fix.

I cut some 3mm stainless plate which I drilled and screwed, then glassed in from the inside to ensure it is watertight and now sits 8 inches higher than before. All of this will be hidden once the hatch door is refitted.

The plan I have come up with will involve installing PVC cladding on the forward (lower)part of the ceiling whilst painting white gloss topcoat on the higher section along with the small area around the anchor locker.

All of the bulkhead sections and other joinery will be sanded and stained in the same colour as the saloon lockers.

The wooden chocks will be removed in order to allow the pvc cladding to run all the way to the side sections, I then plan to fix battens horizontally on the side sections so I can screw the timber cladding which will butt up to the ceiling panelling.

I will also run some cable before fitting the ceiling panels so that I can fit some lighting in the forward area.
I still have not decided which timber to use on the sides but sure a plan will formulate before next saturday! 

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