Thursday, 3 November 2016

Winter boat cover

As the colder and windier weather arrives I thought I had better beef up the cover on the boat as painting is far from finished and the boat is rather exposed as there are no windows or hatches fitted.

The original cover that I fitted has survived thus far although there were a few holes showing in places, it was also not completely covering the bow or stern.
A new tarp was purchased from ebay which is slightly thicker than the initial one but not quite as wide.

Idea being that I just covered the first tarpaulin to provide a double cover, I secured this with rope and bungees every meter as well as larger pieces of rope that keep it all wrapped up nicely.

Although not having masses amount of room inside there is just enough to get around with the paint roller and should keep it safe and secure from the weather.
The only down side is that it does not allow as much light in so I managed to get some waterproof tube lights at a very reasonable price which has greatly improved the situation.

I am hoping the temperature will stay above 5 degrees for a while so I can continue painting, although if not I will revert my intentions to inside for the winter.


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