Saturday, 3 December 2016

Anchor winch refurbishment homework

This was another of those jobs that I could do mostly from home, after stripping the decks in preparation for painting I ended up with several boxes of hardware which actually looked like junk.
Turns out there is a market for old cleats and fairleads on ebay!
This 45 year old Simpson Lawrence anchor winch was about to go on ebay and be replaced with an electric model before I decided it might be nice to keep, and so glad I did.

The first job was to set about stripping off as much paint as possible whilst in the yard with the sand blaster.

Once home I continued the cleaning with a wire brush fitted to a drill which did an admiral job but before finishing the cleaning I thought it best to strip down the internal workings. I was surprised to see how complex the unit was, comprising of two sprockets and a bicycle chain!

All of this was flushed out and cleaned with WD40 before filling with new oil and greasing the shaft and bearings, I even cut a new gasket for the cover plate.
The cleaning continued over a couple of evenings but was very happy with the result.

Although I would loved to have kept the bare aluminium look it wouldn't last long exposed to the  elements, after some research I decided to go with a cold galvanising spray which although wont lost forever will do a good job in the meantime.

The good think about this spray is that it dosen't take long to dry and covers well enabling you to apply several coats over a couple of hours.

Over the course of a few evenings I think it must have had 6-7 coats so will hopefully keep it looking good for some time.

I am very pleased with the outcome and now have a good piece of equipment that has most likely saved me several hundred pounds!
If you would like to see it in action I have uploaded a short video.


  1. I follow your blog for several months now.Respect for all the work which is done! I am currently refitting a Contest 29, maybe it would be nice for you to see some of it, to get some inspiration:

    1. fantastic job you have done! 2 questions, where did you source the Contest 29 decals, and how did you get that mast step so shiny.