Tuesday, 31 January 2017

V Berth now complete and engine control lever fitted

Finally I managed to complete the v berth and stain all of the new woodwork including the capping over the ceiling battens and the cut down shelves with newly fitted end panels.

Overall I was pleased with the internal structure of the cabin and didn't find anything too worrying other than a a slight damp patch where I think water had been settling after leaking through the starboard port light. 
It took some chipping away but eventually managed to found dry fibreglass although it left quite a hole to repair, which I did using chopped matting, resin and finishing filler.

Here are a few before and after shots of the forward cabin.

I still haven't decided if I will do something else with the side panels, possibly add some timber panels or lining carpetmaterial, but for the meantime at least I am happy with the white finish.

Another job I managed in between coats of paint was to fit a new engine control lever, not as straight forward as I thought as the hole sizes were different so had to do some fibre glassing and filling.

After removing the old lever I covered the original hole with a piece of ply which I then fibre glassed in, this was the first of two layers of chopped strand mat.

After this I filled the remaining cavity.

Once sanded and faired I was ready to cut the appropriate size hole in which would house the new control lever.

And finally the Ebay bargain was fitted and ready to go!

Next will be to start on the heads compartment, although I think next Saturday will be spent tidying the mess I have made on the rest of the boat first!

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  1. This is a fantastic blog, many thanks for putting the effort into sharing your info. I have an old S&S 44 and will be starting a full refurb shortly. I plan on something like 4 - 5 years to complete. I am sure it will be made easier through the help and motivation available on blogs such as yours, keep it up!!!
    Hopefully see you on the water sometime.
    Best wishes