Sunday, 22 January 2017

V Berth refurb part two

I know its been a while since my last post, partly due to the Christmas holidays as well as jobs taking longer than expected......tell me something new! 
The good news is that work on the v berth has been progressing and pleased to say the end is now in sight.

First task was to clean, sand and paint everything in sight that would be exposed. 

For this I used International Toplac, it took 3 good coats but I am pleased with the finish. I guess its jobs like these where you lose time, seeing that you can only apply one coat at a time. Although I did manage to find jobs to do in between if time allowed.

Once the painting was completed it was time to start fitting the battening that would hold the PVC cladding on the ceiling.

This wasn't too difficult although there were two backing plates for the deck cleats that I had too avoid, as well as making sure I could access them again in the future.

It was quite a slow process measuring and cutting each length, and a few angles to get right.
I persevered and managed to eventually finish the cladding.

The final job was to cut two holes that would take the LED downlighters, as well as running the cable for the lights.

I have to say the most difficult job by far was cutting the capping piece of plywood that would cover the battening, it was at this sage that it dawned on me that I was not a actually a carpenter and was at the very limit of my DIY abilities!

The problem was that the ceiling is curved and I needed to cut a 1.8mt length that would fit snugly into it, I perservered and with the help of Google, Youtube and a FaceBook group I learnt how to scribe.

This piece of wood took two whole days to cut and fit, and wont mention how much wood was wasted!

Next was to cut down the shelves that were on each side and make up new end pieces, first I had to cover the wooden chocks.

Once these were in I filled and sanded the gaps and prepared them for painting, next I fitted the shorter shelves along with new end pieces.

Although I may not be a carpenter I was quite pleased with bits of joinery I managed to complete on the end pieces given all the angles.

So overall not the easiest part of the project but one of the most satisfying.

All that is left is to tidy up some trim and stain all of the woodwork.

Hopefully next week I will post the final result as well as some before and after photos.

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