Sunday, 26 February 2017

Storm Doris Hits and Heads Refurb

So Storm Doris hit the UK this week, I was fairly confident that the boat would be ok as the cover had stood up to pretty much everything so far this winter, on arrival all looked well, until I got inside and realised that the storm had moved the tent frame I erected causing one of the stantions to bend.

It wasn't too difficult to put it all back in place and attach the guide rope to a more substantial deck fitting that would hopefully keep it in place.

I will of course have to replace the stantion that had bent but this should not be a big job and will be on the list of last things to do.

I must apologise as I thought I had already posted regarding the heads refurb, until a colleague pointed out that it had been a while since he had seen a post!

So here we go, the current head compartment is very outdated and dingy.

Although not the worse I have seen on a boat.

It has the standard pull out basin which is a good use of space but for some reason I have never really liked this arrangement.

The plan is to remove the sink and associated fittings, then fit a vanity type unit with a slightly smaller sink fitted with a proper tap as opposed to a foot pump and a piece of pipe!

I painted the 'back wall' and removed the hardwood flooring which is at home waiting to be sanded, along with the plinth that the old sea toilet was mounted on, this will be renewed as the old plinth had some damp as well as the hole that the foot pump was located.

I then set about removing all the various fittings, towel rail, toothbrush holder, glass holder, toilet roll holder.....the list was long. I also stripped out the old white plastic veneer sheets. This left me with the original sapele veneer with more holes than a colander!

There are still some pieces of solid mahogany which I will sand and stain but everything else will be clinically white.

One of the most time consuming jobs was removing the old sink and solid wood runners which where screwed and glued to the side walls, but no match for a DeWalt multi tool and sharp chisel!

It has left some battle scars but all the holes and gouges have now been filled with Brummer filler and will be ready for sanding next week.

Just a quick word on products, I have used this filler for a while now on hardwood and have found it extremely versatile, it dries quick and is easily sanded. Whats more, if you leave a half empty tin for several months it can dry out but is easily brought back to life with the addition of some paint thinner.

As for paint, I have decided to try a different product. You may know that marine paints tend to be expensive and I am always wondering if there is a better or more cost effective alternative. 
I spent some time in my local Dulux trade store asking loads of questions and looking at different products. The outcome was that the closest paint to a marine enamel was their exterior trade gloss which worked out £6 cheaper than International Toplac but only £2 cheaper than Hempel Marine gloss.

Not willing to risk an inferior finish for £2 I went with the Hempel Marine Paint as I have often considered it but never tried it, so this will be an ideal opportunity.

Hopefully next week I will sand, clean and start applying some undercoat.

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