Monday, 20 March 2017

Heads Refurb Part Two

I returned to the boat having left all the prep work completed on my previous visit, all that was needed was to start applying some paint, As mentioned before I thought I would try the Hempel range of paint so I could compare with the more expensive International brand which I have been using. Two coats of primer later it was looking a little smarter.

I also cut a new piece of 18mm ply to replace the old plinth on which the toilet will be mounted and I am pleased to say this fitted in nicely, and in my ongoing quest to repaint all of the boats bilge area I managed to get a good coat of grey Danboline which helps smarten things up.

I have decided not to go with a treated wood floor surface in the heads compartment and will instead cover this with something......just not sure what at this time, in any event I decided to refit the floor section.

The next task was much more strategic.....where to put the bog! Obviously I am limited with space, especially as I had decided to rip out the old sink arrangement. I tried several variations of where a sink may go, and also moved the toilet from one side to the other as well as testing the seating position myself. I also wanted to factor in an additional cupboard for bottles of toilet cleaner etc.

I decided to set about building a vanity unit from half inch ply, although I knew this would foul the main outlet for the toilet so had to cut an access section which should accommodate the new ball valve once fitted.

As mentioned before my carpentry skills are not great, although I must admit to being relatively pleased with this project.....I used a level and everything!
Once finished I will fit a small access door so that cleaning essentials can be stored under the sink.

I realise it looks a tight fit, although the arrangement works, I am able to sit on the throne in relative comfort, and more importantly close the door without it hitting my knees. I am also pleased that I have been able to keep the floor area free to enable some washing space.

Next job was to purchase all of the required plumbing fittings, including an additional ball valve for the sink waste to exit the boat, the old set up had a pipe from the sink which you simply put into the toilet whilst washing, a novel idea but was calling out to be upgraded.
The next job was one I don't normally relish, although was essential for this part of the project, drilling a hole in the boat!

This was to accommodate the skin fitting which will allow the grey waste to leave the boat.

I like to take my time with these types of jobs to ensure that the boat doesn't sink! I managed to find a hole cutter which was around 2 mm smaller that the skin fitting and slowly worked the fitting into the boat so that it was a tight a fit as possible.

A generous amount of sealant was used both outside and inside which should prevent any wet stuff from getting inside.

Once in place I fitted the washer and nut, although only quite loosely at this stage.

When I return next weekend the sealant would have cured and I will be able to fully tighten. This product always remains flexible so should give a good rubber seal once tightened.

Once all of that was finished it was time to start applying some top coat, I was quite impressed with the ease that the paint showed when being applied, it seemed to flow out quite nicely and could not see much difference between the Hempel and International paints.

I guess the real test will be when I return to the boat next week and see how it has dried, for now I was very happy with the result.
Hopefully by next week the newly ordered sink will have arrived and I will be able to finish the painting.

If you would like to see me painting and talking to myself please feel free!

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  1. It is so cool you are restoring a boat. I always wondered if boats had bathrooms with toilets and showers. Do boats have grey and black water tanks to dispose of waste in a environmentally sound way? Where does it go? I think it would be fun to restore a boat if you knew what you were doing. I am not that person.