Sunday, 16 April 2017

Heads refurb now complete!

As with everything on this god forsaken vessel of mine the heads refurb has taken much longer than expected. I took some time off work for the easter holidays which meant I had a couple of extra boat days, in the end this worked out to be a good idea as I hit a few problems.

After last weeks fiasco with the skin fitting I was hoping for a more straightforward installation of the associated plumbing.....however this was not case!

I came up with a great idea of using the thread sealant which I had used on the fuel fittings for the engine instead of PTFE tape, this worked fine until I realised I was not completely happy with the fitting of the large elbow on its skin fitting and decided to dismantle and refit.
It was then that I realised it was not such a great idea as the ball valve was stuck solid to the elbow and would not undo, cut a long story short I ended up having to cut the newly fitted elbow off the skin fitting and it took a large vice, monkey grips, and a 12" extension bar to remove the ball valve from what was left of the elbow! Suffice to say I stuck with PTFE tape for the remaining fittings!

After a trip to the chandlers I sourced a new elbow and managed to fit the rest of the plumbing without incident, next was to fit the pipe work and water feed for the sink, along with the rest of the pipe work for the toilet and sink outlet as well as the sea water intake for the sea toilet.

As all of the skin fittings are below the water line the hoses are double clipped with stainless steel jubilee clips for additional security.
Next job was to stain all of the wood surfaces that had not been painted white and the following day I ran a bead of sealant around any gaps.

I then fitted the flexible corrugated conduit over the wiring for the mast, this still needs securing as I am waiting for some white P clips to be delivered. With the newly stained cupboard doors fitted I also got around to fit a bathroom mirror! 

The final task was to cut and fit the vinyl flooring that I purchased the day before, this I managed to do by removing the floorboards and using them as a template from which to cut the vinyl.

So with the floor fitted and the final touch ups with the white paint completed the heads compartment was finally finished, the only job remaining is to fit an LED light fitting which will be done once I have chosen lights for the whole boat.
Here is the before and after shot.

With the forward cabin and heads completed I can now turn my attention back to finishing the deck and cockpit painting.
This will start next week with a big clean up job to rid the surfaces of all the dust and dirt accumulated over the winter.


  1. We have a Contest 33 hull number 97; currently repainting the mast and adding roller furling with new main and genoa. Enjoying watching your project! You're making great progress!

  2. Well, it took 'a bit' longer then hoped for but the result is excellent. Very well done, a beautiful new head.