Sunday, 7 May 2017

Returning to painting decks and cockpit.

So now the weather has warmed up I have been able to return to the task of completing painting of the decks and cockpits, picking up from last October when I had completed the epoxy primer and managed one coat of international perfection before the cold weather set in.

When I painted the first coat I used a mohair roller, mainly as the initial area was quite large as it included all of the the non slip areas, however there is no need for 3-4 coats of topcoat on these areas as I am planning to use Kiwi Grip once the top coat is complete. With that in mind I decided to use a brush for remaining coats, having previously been sceptical of expensive brushes I decided to try a US brush by Purdy. £13 later and the paint goes on very well and dries completely smooth.

Having completed 3 coats with sanding by hand in between I decided that I would give a proper sand with the air sander and a 400 grit paper......although the compressor had different ideas!

I had used the compressor over the winter several times and noticed it started to be slow when starting, although now it would not run at full speed at all. After some time fiddling the yards resident engineer kindly agreed to have a look and diagnosed a faulty capacitor. I have now ordered and received the parts which I will fit next week, the photo below is of a new friend I have made who stayed around most of the time!

I am very pleased with the finish I am getting with this paint.

I have been suffering a little with paint drips and spent some time removing these in a variety of ways as the compressor is out of action. Initially I used a sharp chisel and sanded by hand, as this was a little labour intensive I decided to use a delta sander which worked much quicker.

I am happy with the results and managed to go over the whole boat with the sander, this should give a good base for the final coat which should be completed next weekend.

Once the 4th coat is on I will get to work on masking off the non-slip areas in preparation for the Kiwi Grip paint I am planning to use, contrary to some comments I am sure this will work in both the northern and southern hemispheres!

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