Sunday, 9 July 2017

Mast Step Repair

I realise its been a while since the last update but unfortunately Hermione is not the only one who has been laid up in dock so to speak! As I am firing on all cylinders now I thought it time to play catchup with the blog.

One of the jobs that was on the list to do was to open up the mast step base and assess the timber that was glassed in as I had suspected it was rotting. I used the multi-tool to cut the top off the fibreglass and gel-coated base which revealed pretty much what I had suspected, a damp and rotten mast step base!

I then set about removing all of the wood with a hammer, chisel and small crow bar. I was then able me to get an accurate measurement in order to obtain a new piece of hardwood to replace it.

I decided to go for a 35mm thick piece of Meranti hardwood which fitted quite well into the space.

Once I confirmed the fit I started with a base of resin for the wood it to sit on and then begun the fibreglass layup using two layers of 450g chop strand mat, followed by two layers of fibreglass tissue to ensure a smoother finish.

Once completed I then applied the magic white stuff! This is a polyester flow-coat which in truth is gelcoat with a mix of wax to enable it to be applied by roller or brush in the open air and harden. This will give a much cleaner finish which can be sanded and polished or painted.

There a few spots around the boat that will need touching up with paint and I plan to do this when the cover is off so that I can see any minor imperfections in daylight, this will also be a good time to paint the newly gel-coated mast step.
Below are a couple of videos showing the rotten wood and how the flow coat was applied.


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