Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Putting the boat back together!

Finally it looks like I have actually accomplished something...... after a battle and some greatly appreciated help from the soon to be son-in law we have managed to refit all of the windows and hatches back on Hermione.

This was definitely a two man job and we managed to refit all 10 port lights in a day! With some helpful advice from Jean-Pierre of Hadlow Marine all of the frames were refitted without a drop of sealant.
Instead we used the proper stuff....Scapa bedding tape, which is a high density closed cell UV resistant PVC foam sealing tape.

The heads compartment was treated to a brand new Lewmar opening port light, mainly because I had completely wrecked the old one in an attempt to remove it! 

This was extremely easy to fit thanks to the clever Lewmar design, I was also pleased to find that it came with exactly the same bedding tape I had used for all the other frames.

The next job was to refitt the two hatches which had been treated to a sand blast and reanodising, along with new acrylics and seals.

Due to the size and pitting on the underside of the frames I opted for sealing them in with Sikaflex 291i sealant which really is the only stuff to use on a boat which can be a pretty harsh environment. I also decided to go with a white sealant as opposed to the nasty black stuff a previous owner had used!

Having spent almost three years on the refit I was starting to doubt that it would actually all come together, although after seeing all of the windows and hatches in I was pleased as punch!

Next was the deck hardware, including fairleads, anchor windlass, samson post and deck fillers. Again all sealed in with Sika' 291i.

For some strange reason the engine control lever had seized up over winter and after a full strip down decided to look for a replacement, I found a used Vetus alternative that looks much better and now works a treat.

I even managed to get to work on some very small details.... a bargain brass plate for £2!

With all of that completed its hard not to get too excited at the prospect of the project coming together, although there are still jobs to do. In order to keep my feet on the ground I need to revisit the job list and see how much is left.....hopefully it will not be too long. In the short term I need to refit the winches and new cleats, along with the newly made hardwood hand rails.


  1. She looks great! It must be a wonderful feeling to see everything coming together!

  2. Thanks Trevor, much appreciated