Saturday, 30 September 2017

Launch Postponed....two pack or not two pack???

I must apologise for the huge delay in posting a blog update but there has been lots going on including holidays, a minor operation for me as well as other medical issues in the family. Glad to say we are all fighting fit now and pleased to be getting around to updating the blog.
Since I last posted I was looking forward to launching Hermione sometime soon, I have now decided to postpone this for several reasons but mainly as I have decided to repaint the topsides and change the colour scheme!

As you can see I have removed all of the cover from the boat as the deck is now water tight and very pleased with how she is looking......except I didn't realise how very white it was going to look. After some hard thinking and looking at other colour schemes on yachts I have decided to now have the topsides a dark blue with a white boot line.

Don't get me wrong, I like white on boats, but just think it was too much for this classic lady who deserves that something extra. I will come back to the painting issue later but first, whilst working in the cockpit I realised that the main-sheet traveller was completely knackered and needed attention. After some time of fiddling, greasing and banging I decided it had to come out! Now anyone who has removed one of these that have been in place for over 45 years will appreciate that it is no mean feat!

I ended up making a real mess and spending lots of time doing it! Eventually it gave up the ghost and I was able to set to work with the filler and paint.

It is now finally ready for a new traveller which I will source somehow, but even managed to impress myself with how smooth the finish was after filling sanding and painting.

Getting back to the subject of painting.....
As the topsides had a good four coats of white two pack last year all I had to do was give it a light sanding and apply three coats of International Perfection, Flag Blue colour. No problems I thought.... long story short, the first batch of paint was faulty and needed sanding back.

After returning the paint I was given replacements and started again.

I also didn't realise that darker paints do not flow out as well as lighter colours, which is probably why I was so impressed with the white finish on the deck.
Even adding the maximum amount of thinner at 10% I was still finding brush marks in the finish and having problems maintaining a wet edge, more sanding, more painting.

From a distance it looks great and the level of shine is incredible with this paint but those damn brush marks are still there!

After several calls to the International technical team I think I may have resolved the problem by adding more thinners at a ratio of 15% instead of 10%, along with purchasing a quality tipping off brush. I went with a Purdy Syntox which set me back the best part of £20 but really is the muts nuts of paint brushes!

So with new strategy for mixing the paint and armed with a paint brush that should be gold plated I set about mixing a small amount of paint in order to test.
I was so happy to find that the paint flowed out much better and kept a wet edge for much longer, the only problem was that I should have gone further with the sanding as some of the old marks were showing through.

Having just painted a small part of the starboard quarter and stern I decided to stop there and start experimenting as I knew I would have to sand it all back anyway.
I chose a small section which I sanded back by hand and started applying the paint, I also experimented with just rolling, just painting, as well as the rolling and tipping method. Rolling and tipping produced the best results and within a few minutes the section looked like this.

Next job will be to sand the whole boat back again to a completely flat surface and apply a coat with the new mix and hopefully I will have a lovely looking blue boat. 

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