Monday, 30 October 2017

Painting the Forth Bridge and an early Christmas present from International Paints

The work continues and I am starting to feel what painting the Forth Bridge was like! I have almost lost count of the times I have painted and sanded back these topsides in the pursuit of perfection.
Although not always through choice I might add. I was surprised to find on one coat that I had a faulty batch of paint where the hardener had been had been at fault. The paint was replaced without question but I still felt aggrieved as painting a whole boat and then having to sand it off is no mean feat.
A couple of emails later and International have stepped up to the mark, apologised for the problem and as a gesture of goodwill agreed to supply enough paint to anti-foul the hull with their brand new Micron 350 paint along with some Gelshield 200 which will save me in excess of £300!

Back to the job in hand, after several attempts I have given up the idea of rolling and tipping as I am finding it impossible to get all of the brush marks to flow out consistently despite trying a range of different methods and rollers as well as increasing the thinning agent to 20%. Partly my fault in not realising how dark
colours can be more difficult to obtain a perfect finish.

I have settled for the next best thing which is a purely rolled finish which leaves a slightly mottled effect but far superior to leaving any visible brush marks. You might notice that with the impending winter weather I have erected a new cover using some scaffolding which was laying about the yard and the original white sheet. Whilst not completely wrapping the boat it does keep most of the wet stuff off and managed to cope with the 50mph winds of storm Brian.

Since sanding back the faulty paint she has had two good coats of rolled on paint and is now waiting for the third and final coat which I am hoping to apply before the temperature drops too much, the problem is also finding a day where there is little or no wind as this can dry the paint too quickly

I arrived at the yard on Saturday in the hope I could finish with the last coat of blue but was not happy with the weather conditions as the wind was slightly stronger than I would have liked. Undeterred I spent some time lightly sanding any areas that needed it including a few runs that I found.
 I then decided to paint the gunwales which I would normally have left until the topsides were complete, seeing as though I still had a few hours in the day I cracked on with the job.

I must admit it was nice working with the white again as it flows out so much better than the darker blue colour, you wouldn't think it was the same paint as you literally watch the brush marks disappear in front of your eyes.

I am now looking for the next weather window when I can apply the last coat of blue and hopefully it will be this week. I have found if I take half a days leave from work I can get down to the boat, wipe it down and apply one coat and still get home, changed and into the office for 1.30.....not ideal but needs must!


  1. The blue paint job makes the boat look fantastic. Far more stately. I would even board that boat. Bravo.